AgriCafe Payment Policy

Welecome To AgriCafe!

Terms and Condition

All fee are exclusive of Service Tax and any other Taxex/levies,if any.
Any waiver of AMC shall be only for the first year commencing from the date of acceptance.
The above fees and services with respect to the same are subject to approval by the respective acquiring bank.
Subject to any additional fee charged seperately,the above mentioned rates are exclusive of transaction processing fee,convenience fee,fee foe value added services etc.
All fee/consideration payments are in relation to services receive/to be received.

1) one time payable upfront at the time of signing of this form.
2) Annual maintenance contract fee will be charged annually for maintenance pf PayU services.
3) Applicable only for utility companies or educational institutes.

Declaration Of Applicant

We are desirous of availing PayU services.We request us as its merchant in order to avail PayU services.We certify that all information provided by us here in above is true and correct.We acknowledge and accept that we have reviewed,read,understood and agree to abide by the PayU agreement as define and detailed in Annexure A.We accept all rights,obligations and liabilities that may aries due to becoming a merchant of PayU.We have also reviewed the fee schedule and related terms and condition here in above and accept the same.We understand that PayU's and respective acquiring bank's due diligence and know your customer process. We understand and agree that PayU has the rights to reject our request to be registered as a merchant of PayU or avail part or all of PayU services.We further understand that if we require any clarification with respect to the PayU agreement (including this form),we may contact PayU sales representative/account manager and they will connect us to the concerned PayU department(s).