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Agriculture Is Needed In Developing Countries

Farming Is A Profession Of Hope

Eating is an agricultural act.


Agriculture plays a vital role in Indian economy.India ranks second worldwide in farm output.Agriculture and allied activities remain the major source of livelihood for nearly half of the Indian population. The share of agriculture in employment was 48.9 per cent of the workforce and its share in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 17.4 per cent in 2014-15. But the irony is that farmers still rely on the age old practices.

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They lack awareness of best farming practices due to inadequate advisory services at their reach and the number of extension workers are less. It is of utmost importance to provide farmer knowledge and hands-on recommendations, so they will know how to increase their yields.There is an urgent need to strengthen the advisory services at block levels for effective dissemination of the technologies. For this we are planning to establish Agri-cafe which can provide consultancy services for enhancement of agriculture production and income of farmers.

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These Centres will advise farmers on crop selection, best farm practice, post-harvest value -addition options, key agricultural information like internet-based weather forecast, price trends, market news, risk mitigation and crop insurance, credit and input access, for the benefit of the farmers. The Agri Cafe will be opened at different Gram Sabhas of all the 13 district of Uttarakhand starting from district Udham singh Nagar. Farmers can register themselves in these cafes and would take advantage of all the facilities provided in these cafes.

Advisory to the farmers will be provided in these cafes. Farmers can register and login to our application software and can send their queries, where the best solution will be provided by our experts. It is our aim to connect the farmers through our website and provide them the best facilities whenever required. Our vision is to make farmers’ technology friendly so that they can have access to the best farming practices.

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Beside this, we are providing farmers the option of online shopping. Farmers can get all the Agricultural equipments including insecticides and pesticides on their doorstep at reasonable prices through our Kissan Bazar segment.

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